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Your Choice Of Healthy Sides Made Fresh Daily and 95%
OfThem Are Homemade :)

Vege Samosa 8PC:
8 PC Homemade With Sweet Chili Dipping. (Calories: 480)

Beef Samosa 8PC:
8 PC Homemade With Sweet Chili Dipping. (Calories: 575)

8 PC Homemade Vege & Paste Fried. (Calories: 480)

Spanakopita: (Calories: 360)

Greek Rice: (Calories: 360)

Greek Potato: (Calories: 270)

Falafel Singles 6PC Minimum: (Calories: 200)

Souvlaki Skewer: (Calories: 221)

Sabby’s Fries:
With Hot Souce & Tzatziki. (Calories: 221)

Tzatziki Small: (Calories: 50)

Hummus With A Pita:
Homemade Hummus Fresh & Delicious. (Calories: 240)

Sweets this Sweet Almost Impossible

Baklava 2PC:
Our Best Greek Baklava Is Sweet Enough
To Make You Sweet (Calories: 370)

Nut Brittles:

Seeds & Nuts Mixed So good that
we can not explain well (Calories: 370)


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