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The skills we use to prepare and cook our food are the same techniques used by classically
trained chefs everywhere in the real world. In fact, if you take a peek into my kitchens, we more
resemble a fine dining ethnic restaurant than a typical fast food.

We Cook food this way since my grandparents started Catering when they
were at my age, and I proudly continue the legacy.

Regards Sabby.

We proudly can say making 95% of everything home made in making it Greek cuisine. 

From our special Sauces, Greek Salata Salad, Spice Mixes, Dressings to
our best Souvlakies. 

We can proudly say that we make everything everyday fresh.

Get together with family and friend or get a plate
for yourself, Eat Like Sabby is the place to be. 

Whether you choose to eat a full meal or some afternoon snacks, we promise you a
pleasant Eat Like Sabby's Restaurant experience that’s easy on your wallet.

Satisfy your appetite with a whole meal or just a snack.

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